A Little Timid

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I had such a dream last night. I was floating above the trees with my lips connected to those of a beautiful figure, for what seemed like an age. Flowery treetops sprung up beneath us and we rested on them with the lightness of a cloud.

A great film combining poetry with the moving visual arts.  An amazing poet with such a short life.  Imagine what he could have accomplished!

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Happy Monday!

To all of those who protested yesterday, I hope you got some sleep!

To all those who didn’t, I hope you also got sleep! I’m sure after hearing about the tear you suddenly weren’t so sad you didn’t get involved.

This week we are showing Wadjda.  Directed by Haifaa al-Mansour, this is the first film to be shot completely in Saudi Arabia; and by a woman no less! Such an amazing accomplishment and we’re so glad to have the opportunity to show this film.

Also this week we are hosting the Game of Thrones Season 4 Premier. Check out our Facebook for more info.

Have a great week!

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